About This Site

Snowflake Babies is a collaboration of information and resources by two moms who used embryo adoption and donation to build their own families. It is intended to help guide those interested in all aspects of embryo donation and adoption. We are not associated with any clinic, agency, or program and this site is for informational purposes only.

Connect with others

If you're looking for an online place to connect with other people who are at various stages of the EA/ED process, there is a forum on Baby Center called Embryo Adoption.

We have also started a private embryo donation/adoption Facebook group as a support for women who are anywhere in the EA/ED process. This could be looking for embryos, cycling, or parenting a child who is the result of a donor/adopted embryo. Donors are welcome in this group! But there is also a separate group for donors only, or those considering donating their embryos. This is separate due to the unique issues donors may face and the support they can provide one another. Both groups are 100% private and considered "secret" on Facebook, so your other FB friends will not know you are a part of them or see you are posting to them Being a member of these groups will not "out" you to your other FB friends. If you wish to be added to either/both groups, please contact edasnowflakes@gmail.com and include a brief description of what brings you to our group.

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